How to Get a Small Loan with Poor Credit

Payday LoansAs the financial crisis within the US continues, more and more cash strapped Americans are turning to Payday loans when cash emergencies creep up. It is one of the only ways to gain instant dollars when your credit score is challenged; you have undergone a bankruptcy, or are in the middle of a foreclosure.

The beauty of payday loans is that you can walk in, fill out required paperwork, share required documentation and you are out with up to $300 to use until your next payday.

Unlike bank loans that require your score to be stellar and leave you panicking/frustrated as they run your credit, title loans work completely differently. Instead you simply share:

  1. Your last paystub
  2. A printout of your checking account statement
  3. Your federal ID
  4. A blank check

And just like that you are on your way to making ends meet! There is nothing to be embarrassed about needing extra cash before you next paycheck. It is estimated that 7 in 10 Americans share your plight in an effort to make it until payday.

There are many who are afraid to go down the route of obtaining a cash advance. Fears include the thought that fees are exorbitant, that you’ll end up owning your shorts to the payday lending and more when in fact rates are becoming more and more competitive, and you are required to pay back the loan moments after your paycheck comes in.

The money is automatically withdrawn from your account. All accounts are settled and you can move on.  The only drawback is if you absolutely know that there won’t be enough money in your account to cover the loan after payday. This is when fees kick in and you need to hold onto your shorts. You definitely want to find a different route for gaining a loan if you know you will be short when the loan is due to be paid.

The moral of the story is that if you are in need, have a job and need up to $300 to help you float until your next paycheck, payday loans are there for you. Don’t put yourself at the whim of a bank if you know that they’ll stare at you cross-eyed after running your credit score. There are other ways to make it happen as you dust yourself off and work to find success!

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