How to Get a Small Loan without Putting and Item Up for Collateral

Small Payday LoansAre you in need of instant cash to help you make it through the month? Whether you are search for funds to pay the bills, cover a dental/medical expenses, or unforeseen school supplies for your children, it is possible to gain a loan without putting an item up for collateral.

If you are wondering what is meant by collateral, there are various non-traditional bank loans that include loans and auto title loans that are granted when an item is is used in this manner (such as a watch, jewelry or antique), or in the case of a title loan — a car.

A cash advances are a form of non-traditional loans that is granted when an individual has a job and is in need of  payday advance loans prior to payday.  When you agree to a payday loan, you will pay a fee and are required to pay the loan off when your next paycheck is placed into your bank account.

How Payday Loan Approval Works

The approval process is quite simple, all you have to do is:

  1. 1. Prove that you have a regular job. In order to provide proof, you are required to show your last two paycheck stubs.
  2. 2. Provide a printout of your bank account. A simple printout of your last statement will work perfectly.
  3. 3. Show a valid form of ID. To prove your identity, you must show your state driver’s license, passport, or other valid form of identification.
  4. 4. Bring in a blank check. For the purposes of setting up a direct debit payment from your bank account, the payday lender will require that you provide a blank check.
  5. 5. Instant Cash on Approval. Once you are approve, you will gain instant access to the agreed upon loan amount. You can then utilize it to pay your bills.

Payday loans Huntington Beach, should always be taken seriously. You must remember that you will agree to a direct debit from your account after your next payday, so you need to plan to have enough money to cover the loan. If you fail to meet your obligations in paying the loan back, you will most likely be subject to additional fees and high interest rates.

Finally, make sure you shop around for the best deal! The payday loan market is becoming more competitive each day, so make sure you find the right lender for your needs.

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