Why Payday Loans Don’t Require a Credit Check

Credit Check for Payday LoansHave you looked into gaining a payday loan and wondered exactly why a credit check isn’t required for final approval?

The reason is actually quite simple. Traditional loans, which usually always require a credit check, are based on the faith that you will pay them off within your lifetime. On the other hand, a payday loan or cash advance loan is provided only if you can prove that you have a job and agree for a direct debit to be made from your account following the next payday.

Put simply, you agree to pay off the loan by a specific date.  Also, rather than paying an interest rate over time, you will pay a single fee as agreed upon within the terms and conditions of your payday loan Huntington Beach.

When applying for approval for a payday loan, you must provide: (1) Proof that you have a job via your last two paystubs, (2) A print out of your most recent bank statement, (3) Official identification such as your drivers’ license or passport, and (4) A blank check for the proper setup of a direct debit from your account after payday.

The benefits of a loan provided without the hassle of a credit check include:

  • No worries about a cleared bankruptcy or home foreclosure. You will still be approved if your bankruptcy has cleared or you have recently had your home foreclosed on.
  • Credit scores don’t matter. Because a payday loan is granted upon the knowledge that you have access to cash in the very near future, credit scores don’t come into play.
  • Fast Approval. The loan process takes less than an hour, and you are ready to go!

If you don’t have a job and need access to cash immediately, you may also want to consider a loan, title loan, and/ or sell jewelry or gold. In today’s economy, there are several creative options to make ends meet. The key is to make a smart decision based on your current and projected financial situation, and to abide by all terms and conditions if you take out a loan of any sort.

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